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The Dream Builder

The Dream Builder Course is a 12-week in-depth course to accelerate your results to achieve your goals and dreams.

Included in The Dream Builder curriculum, you will receive 16 teaching CDs, 1 meditation CD and a Workbook in a binder.  Yes, you actually receive a physical product to use over and over again!

The creator of this course, Mary Morrissey, has over 30 years of studying the science of success.  The Dream Builder is the perfect program for anyone who has a business they want to dramatically grow, a relationship they want to create or a BIG idea they want to turn into reality.  You will experience simple yet powerful step-by-step formula for designing your dreams, and achieving HUGE results in less time.

Each week on our assigned day and time we will come together for a coaching session.  If you have chosen small group coaching, our conference calls will be from 60-75 minutes in length.  You will be given the coaching conference call phone number prior to your class beginning.  If you have chosen private (one-on-one) coaching, our calls will be agreed to between coach and client and will last 30-50 minutes in length.  

The Dream Builder will guide you into:

* Discovering and designing your vision.

* Taking action steps in the direction of your dream.

* Navigating the GAP between your current life (old paradigm) 
   and your new dream life (new paradigm).

* Learning a lifelong skill set for sustained transformation.

* Living from the point of power within.

Some of the question we will ask and you will answer:

* What would you love?

* What would feel really good to you?

* What do you feel you need to get unstuck?

* What do you believe is seeking to emerge right now?

* What would it be like if, just for a moment you allowed yourself to imagine a different possibility?

* What is an empowering story you can tell yourself about what happened?

​We will be traveling through amazing paths of enlightenment so you grow personally, in business, in relationships and spiritually!

Private One-on-One Coaching with Mary Ann - Investment Varies 
*Includes all course material in a binder for your workbook and CD's.  
*Invitation to our Facebook Group.
*One-on-one weekly coaching calls with Mary Ann.  This is for clients who want to speak to Mary Ann privately and wants to accelerate their transformation rapidly.
*Email subscription to our e-newsletter and special bonus materials to encourage your transformation.

Group Participation Coaching with Mary Ann - Investment Varies
*Includes all course material in a binder for your workbook and CD's.
*Invitation to our Facebook Group.
*Weekly group coaching calls with Mary Ann.  By choosing group coaching, you are comfortable with participating in the conversations.  You will be so pleased with the new friendships you will develop by being in the group coaching!
*Email subscription to our e-newsletter and special bonus materials to encourage your transformation.

Self-Study Dream Builder Course - Investment $ New Prices Coming! 
*Includes all course material in a binder for your workbook and CD's.
*Invitation to our Facebook Group.
*One private coaching call with Mary Ann at the completion of your course at 12-weeks.
*Email subscription to our e-newsletter and special bonus materials to encourage your transformation.
*Three email access (once per every 4 weeks) to Mary Ann during your self-study course of 12-weeks to ask questions or get clarification.


Q.A. Call Mary Ann at (903) 227-0273 or email Mary Ann at with your request for a strategy session call.  This call will make sure you and she are a match for coaching and decide which course you will choose to attend.

Q. What happens during the strategy session call?
A. Mary Ann will have previously emailed you a questionnaire and you will discuss your responses with her.  She will let you know if she thinks you and she will be a coaching match.  Then you will be offered a fast-action discount for making the commitment to invest in your life transformation during the call.  You will choose either private coaching, group coaching or self-study course.  Your scheduled weekly calls may be set during the session.

Q. Is there a fast-action discount on any of your coaching programs?
A. Yes, there is a fast-action discount!  During the strategy session you will be offered a fast-action discount if you are serious and ready to invest in your life transformation during the call.  When you commit by making your investment, the private coaching fast-action discount is $500; the group coaching fast-action discount is $500; and the fast-action discount for the self-study program is $50.  The only stipulation to receive your fast-action discount is to be prepared to commit to your investment and make your payment during the call.

Q. When will I receive my course materials?
A. After you have made your payment for the chosen course, you will be mailed the course materials and can begin as soon as you receive it. 

Q. If I've chosen private or group coaching, when will our coaching calls begin?
A. Once you have signed up and paid for your chosen course, you will be given the appointed call time and call information.  You will be expected to call in to the phone line and give the access code to participate in the calls.

​Q. Are there any scholarships available that I may apply for to help reduce the investment of participating in a course?
A. On occasion we have scholarships available from alumni that want to give the gift of supporting others who desire to make life transformations, but may need financial assistance.  Please inquire if you are truly in need of assistance.  The scholarships reduces your investment up to twenty-percent (20%).  The scholarship will not be combined with any other discount offer.

Q. What if my schedule won't allow me to participate in the private or group calls?
A. When we have our strategy session call, you will be allowed to choose your group so that it accommodates your schedule.  If you are a private coaching client, we will set the appointed calls according to a day and time that will accommodate your schedule.

Q. What if I miss a call?
A. If you are a private coaching client, you are responsible to attend each call.  If for some reason you are unable to meet at our regularly schedule time, please notify Mary Ann in advance and we may be able to re-schedule that weekly call.  If Mary Ann has a conflict, she will contact you ahead of time and will re-schedule the call.  If you miss a call and do not notify Mary Ann ahead of time, you will simply miss that weekly call.
If you are participating in a group and miss the call, the call will be recorded and you may listen to the re-play.

Vision Workshop: 3 Keys to Accelerate Your Results

* Do you want to discover your true dream or purpose?
* Would you like to eliminate fear, doubt and worry and move toward your goals with confidence?
* Do you want to achieve greater results with less effort?

If these questions resonate with you, then you are going to love this seminar!

The Vision Workshop is offer to groups, clubs, businesses, hospitals, churches, etc. that are desiring to improve the lives of those they influence.  Staff members, employees, congregations and volunteers will learn important tools and principles to transform their lives, get clear on their visions and begin to take steps in the direction of their dreams!

In 1853, Henry David Thoreau wrote a famous essay called "Walden", in which he included a hidden code for prosperous living.  During this dynamic Vision Workshop you will unlock this code so that you can harness your life's purpose and the prosperity you deserve!

This workshop is presented in a 1-3 hour interactive workshop setting.    In the workshop you will learn:

* A 5-point test for determining whether your dream is right for you.

* What wealthy people do that creates sustained success.

* A proven method for dissolving resistance you may have to prosperity so you can attract higher levels of results and abundance.

* Three powerful words that can override any negative belief.

* The one critical thing you must give up in order to reach your dream.

* And much more!

If you would LOVE to have a clear picture of the life you would love to live, then, this workshop is PERFECT for you, because it will help you define and design your dream and learn how to make it your life.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SCHEDULING A VISION WORKSHOP FOR YOUR GROUP, BUSINESS OR CHURCH, please contact Mary Ann by email at or by calling (903) 227-0273.  Please leave a message if no answer.  She may be in a coaching session.  

If you are a church or charity, please know that Mary Ann always gives a tithe or gift back to the sponsoring church or charity!

Vision Workshop Investment: This investment will vary according to length and if a meal is being served.  Sometimes the Vision Workshops include a meal or snacks; the handouts or life-work materials; special bonuses.  When advertised, these workshops will provide the investment for each workshop and what it includes.   

The Dream Builder binder with workbook and CD's